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Q: Tell us about yourself:

I’ve been a journalist for about 8 years working mostly with lifestyle and sports publications. I spend most of my spare time indulging in my passion for reading and writing romance. I also love watching sports, and taking long walks.

Q: Tell us about your latest book:

My latest book is my first published book called ‘Striker Meets His Match’. It’s an intense contemporary romance set in London and Paris.

It involves ruthless billionaire Santo Ricci who’s used to getting his way and Skyler Wright, a not so demure journalist determined to rise to the top of her profession.

Here’s an excerpt:

Ruthless and Passionate!
Santo Ricci is not a man to cross without consequences and this time, the Italian has seduction on his mind.
His plan is simple: threaten, punish, and humiliate. But that’s before he meets the delectable journalist in person. He is intrigued and attracted to her defiance.
Suddenly, he must choose between his need to bed her and keeping his promise to his ailing father.
Alluring and Defiant!
Skyler Wright may be innocent but she’s no shrinking violet. Her career is hanging by a thread and she needs the “Ricci scoop” to save it. Her refusal to back down sets her on a collision path with ruthless billionaire playboy, Santo Ricci.
Can she resist his skilful campaign to seduce her while upholding her ethics …?
‘Striker Meets His Match’ is available at the following links:

Amazon U.S.

Amazon U.K.


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Q: When did you start writing?

I have been writing since I was about 10 years old. It started with short poems but I became obsessed with writing romance novels at 13 after I read my first Mills and Boon.

Q: Which romantic book do you wish you’d written and why?

A book by one of my favourite authors Michelle Reid called ‘The Sheikh’s Chosen Wife’. The characters are beautifully written, it’s very moving and takes the reader on an emotional journey with the characters. It’s one of my go to books for inspiration.

Q: Which romantic film do you wish you’d written & why?

Notting Hill because it is a classic love story. It doesn’t matter how long it has been around, it still works for every generation. It’ll never go out of style.

Q: Favourite romantic lead (film or book)

Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice

Q: When did you last kiss in a cinema?

I couldn’t tell you. I haven’t been in a cinema in a long time. I’m a binge watcher.

Q: Favourite screen couple?

Monica and Chandler – Friends

Q: Favourite romantic line from a film?

‘You had me at hello.’ – Jerry Maguire

Q: What or who is the greatest love of your life?

I would say Man Utd, the football team I’ve supported since I was three years old. Reading comes in as a close second.

Q: Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe in attraction at first sight. Hopefully the love comes later

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Q: 3 romantic books EVERYONE should read

Jane Eyre
Pride and Prejudice
Gone with the Wind

Q: 3 romantic films EVERYONE she watch

The way we were
Notting Hill
Jerry Maguire

Q: Which actress (actor) would play you in a romantic film about your life?

Angela Bassett. I think she’ll nail the contrast in character hands down. Stubborn and questioning but once you break down the walls, just waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet.