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Striker Meets His Match // September 2015


Ruthless and Passionate!

Santo Ricci is not a man to cross without consequences and this time, the Italian has seduction on his mind. His plan is simple: threaten, punish, and humiliate. But that was before he met the delectable journalist in person. He is intrigued and attracted to her defiance. Suddenly, he must choose between his need to bed her and keeping his promise to his ailing father.

Alluring and Defiant!

Skyler Wright may be innocent but she’s no shrinking violet. Her career is hanging by a thread and she needs the β€œRicci scoop” to save it. Her refusal to back down sets her on a collision path with ruthless billionaire playboy, Santo Ricci. Can she resist his skilful campaign to seduce her while upholding her ethics …?

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